The dawn of a new age of enterprise agency software

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Corporate Scalability

Work from anywhere

Rezi lets you work from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Reduce hardware costs

Eliminate the need for local servers and greatly reduce your network’s hardware outlay.

Disaster protection

In the past a disaster would mean just that. With Rezi, a disaster will not affect the security of your data.

A Core Piece To The Puzzle

Rezi is powered by Dezrez Core, our unique, secure REST API technology designed to connect with your systems and devices.

Cross platform integration

Dezrez Core’s accepts secure HTTP requests allowing you to safely integrate with an infinite range of applications across many platforms (including mobile apps).

Endless possibilities

With a thorough catalogue of endpoints, you are given the building blocks that open your business to a new world of infinite integrations & business development opportunities.

Customised for your environment

Every enterprise has it’s own unique set of business processes. Rezi & Dezez Core are designed to be seamlessly integrated into your current technology setup.

Introducing Workflows...

Imagine automating all of your business processes including the interactions with your integrated applications.

Workflows give you the power to create entire sales and marketing campaigns, as well as mapping out company processes. You can then execute them in a precise, intelligent and automated manner.

Here are some examples of workflows

  • Automated Viewing Feedback Workflow

    Automate the collection of viewing feedback using voice recognition and automated calling.

    2 hours after a viewing appointment is attended. Rezi will trigger an automated phonecall, the phonecall will ask the applicant for their feedback on the viewing. A transcript of the call will be generated using voice to text technology. This transcript is added into the marketing hub as a viewing feedback entry. This elminates the need for negotiators to carry out this task.

  • Automatic Board Ordering

    Automatic Board Ordering

    We are the only software provider whose API-led connectivity allows agents to take control of Agency Express board management and ordering system as if it was their own. Coupled with our powerful workflow system, boards will be automatically ordered for the property, scheduling personnel to carry out the erection of the board and removal based on the status of the property.

  • Generate Tomorrows Valuation Packs

    Generate Tomorrows Valuation Packs

    Drive operational excellence using automation valuation packs. For tomorrow’s appointments, Rezi automated workflow will scan all valuations for the next day and at 10:00pm each night will generate a branded valuation pack which is emailed to each valuer, allowing you to work smarter not harder.

Infinite Integrations

Over 500 potential apps to integrate with allowing infinite combinations of workflows

Our open API allows 2 way communication between Rezi and any external application. This allows you to trigger external applications in an event driven manner. You can also trigger workflows in Rezi from an external application.

More than just amazing software...

Get a complete business empowerment package with our consultancy services.

The consulting proposition is provided to ensure that customers can make the most of their investment in technology. Specifically, we help estate agents to deliver improvements in their business by applying our technical and industry knowledge to their business and then make recommendation on next steps.

Professional Services

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